Kirill Kolombet


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Developer specialized on building rich user interfaces

I am a senior frontend developer with more than 10 years of experience in the industry. Specialized in web applications and games development and building rich user interfaces. Participated in the creation of big and successful projects from the planning up architecture to the release. Architectured, developed, released, and supported various web applications and games.



Expertise in layout systems. What suits better for your UI — flex, anchor, or grid layout? Take the full power of layouts to make your interface rocks on any screen size and density.



Text is the central part of any application interface. Great typography is the main thing that differs between good and bad UI. The problem — most of the developers don't care about typography, and it can ruin even the best design your designers do.


Development Speed

A rapid development cycle is a crucial part of any successful business. It can be achieved only by a unique combination of techniques and tools. When your iteration cycle becomes heavy, it slows down all development processes.